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Proud to Be of Service - Laurel Magazine Article - June 2017

Constructed in the late 1940’s, the building where the Peggy Crosby Center currently resides originally housed the Highlands Hospital.  

When the hospital moved to its new campus, the building was repurposed.  Through the years PCC has served the Highlands-Cashiers area by providing affordable office space to organizations offering community services.  This rare community asset, home to numerous essential non-profits and small start-up businesses helps provide essential services to
folks living and working in Western North Carolina. 

PCC’s non-profit tenants reach a broad spectrum of interests…from land preservation (Highlands Cashiers Land Trust) to support for our neighbors from other countries (International Friendship Center).   Additional services include Adult Education (Center for Life Enrichment), education for both adults and children who are challenged by literacy issues (Literacy Council of Highlands), plus counseling services (Counseling & Psychotherapy Center of Highlands).  Hundreds of our neighbors pass through the halls of PCC weekly improving their lives and
our community.

The Peggy Crosby Center itself is a non-profit 501(c) 3 tax-exempt organization with a break-even budget.  Operating expenses are funded by the very favorable tenant rents.  Since 2010, PCC has only increased rents once – minimally.  When rents at PCC are compared to other similar facilities with similar services, it’s estimated that the PCC non-profit tenants would pay double or triple their PCC rents.  

Within the last six years, the facility has seen many improvements, including energy efficient upgrades, infrastructure improvements, and cosmetic tweaks, plus landscaping and parking lot enhancements.  All of these improvements have been necessary to provide comfortable and efficient office facilities for the tenants so that they can do what they do best…serve our community. 

The Peggy Crosby Center is indeed a unique asset in our Highlands community.  It’s service to non-profit organizations allows them to accomplish their missions of helping others.  Won’t you consider supporting the Center with your charitable donation?

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