Thursday, 13 August 2020 08:39

Full Circle of Community

When COVID has us otherwise confined, taking a jaunt down the street, walking past the Peggy Crosby Center is a welcome highlight of the day.

We breathe in the sweet, fragrant air of PCC’s pollinator garden. And we notice something else …an awareness of the symbolism that pairs Peggy and pollination. Peggy’s known for nurturing and growing non-profits and burgeoning small businesses. She is to charities and start-ups as bees and butterflies are to gardens.


That’s why so many organizations and the locals who benefit from their services sing her praises. They appreciate the low, manageable rent in exchange for a beautifully-renovated, warm and welcoming space which, in turn, helps the community in dozens of ways, among them: educational enrichment, counseling, land conservation, health/well-being, immigrant assistance, military service-men/women support, and a launching platform for new businesses to establish quality products and services for the area, thus building local economy.

Peggy’s non-profits in particular have stepped-up, assisting the community in this challenging time. Some organizations address health concerns, both physical and emotional for all members of the family. Some manage the well-being of the environment and the restorative air which has become a powerful draw to the region. Others broaden our horizons educationally, keeping our minds busy. It’s no wonder PCC is located in the facility that was Highlands’ first hospital. Taking care of others, ourselves, and the environment is foremost.

Peggy’s walls encompass a full circle of community, from the disadvantaged to those who lovingly support them. PCC continues to blossom, and is proud to house organizations which care for people and things that might otherwise be lost in the world’s current uncertainty.

To learn more about Peggy Crosby Center, visit; e-mail, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; phone, (828) 526-9938.

Written By: Donna Rhodes | Issue: 2020/08 – August | Photograph By: Marjorie Christiansen