Friday, 18 October 2019 08:57

Peggy’s True Hero

The Peggy Crosby Center, originally Highlands’ first hospital, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing modern, attractive and affordable office space for nonprofits and small businesses that serve the community. 

Building operating expenses are met by the modest rents tenants pay, but all renovations are completed using funds donated from generous citizens through an annual letter writing campaign. These donors and the organizations, such as the Cullasaja Womens Outreach, the Laurel Garden Club and Mountain Findings that support us through grants, are known as “Peggy’s Heroes.”

Tuesday, 01 October 2019 08:54

Peggy’s Eye Candy Has a Purpose

In the June edition of The Laurel, we featured the beginning stages of the pollinator garden at the Peggy Crosby Center. 

Three key contributors to the project made this beautiful, functional garden possible: 

  1. The dedicated work of noted landscape designer Canty Worley; 
  2. Grants from The Laurel Garden Club and Highlands Falls Country Club; 
  3. A significant donation of plants by the Mountain Garden Club. Our dream of an ecologically-friendly and environmentally-beneficial landscape at our busy corner has become a reality.

When it was time for The Literacy Council of Highlands to move to larger offices, the Peggy Crosby Center was sad to see them go, but happy for the role it played in providing the space that helped nurture LCH’s growth.

When LCH’s offices were vacated, PCC acted quickly with a remodel of the 1735-square-foot space. Before that facelift launched, some rooms looked much the same as they did when PCC was a hospital. Everyone agreed, it was time for a re-do!

In a collaborative effort, the Laurel Garden Club, noted Landscape Designer Canty Worley, and Highlands Falls Country Club members are creating a “pocket ecosystem” right in the middle of Highlands. 

The LGC has generously supported improvements to the grounds of the venerable Peggy Crosby Center, site of Highlands’ first hospital, over the past several years through grants. Canty Worley has worked with PCC selecting and installing a captivating mix of flowers and foliage to create this cutting-edge urban ecosystem and developing a pollinator habitat.

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